Marc-Ryan Group

Business Strategy


The business world is teaming with complex challenges that impact businesses, brands, and consumers alike.  Our business strategy advisory and consulting capabilities enable us to partner with our clients in meaningful ways that in turn help them navigate effectively through their biggest challenges.


Strategic Planning & Ideation

We help our clients to focus on the Big Picture and solve their biggest challenges.  We partner with our clients to develop their long-range strategic plans, and to make them tactically executable from the outset.  We are in the business of enabling our clients to achieve real and lasting success.

C-Suite Advisory & Facilitation

At the executive and strategic leadership level of most businesses there are often common themes of among challenges and risks, with not-so-common nuances unique to each business.  We support our clients with the ability to navigate those important nuances with coaching, advisory, and and meaningful leadership facilitation.


Business is not a stagnant endeavor.  Whether our clients are feeling wholly disrupted, or want to hone their operation, we have the experience and capability to build a roadmap to transform an organization, brand, or business mindset.  Together we will arrive at a tangible and actionable result.

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What We Do:  Business Strategy / Creative Design / Publishing & Media / Food & Style Consulting